Your Australian Virtual
Admin Assistants

With experience across multiple industries and a personal, customer-centric approach, we are passionate about enabling small businesses like yours to thrive.

Why Us?

We work with local Australian team members specifically for small and developing business. With experience in multiple industries we pride ourselves on service quality unmatched.

Who We Are & What We Do

We are a team of Australians who are committed to freeing business owners, like yourself, to focus on your strengths and the things that are important to you. We have 48 years of combined experience owning and working with businesses across multiple industries. We provide a full range of administrative, customer care and business systemisation services tailored to your specific needs, both now and as your business continues to grow.

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About Kim & The Vision Behind VE

I am Kim Woolard, owner of VE Assist. I launched VE Assist at the start of 2019 as an outpouring of my passion to see small business owners succeed – in their business AND in their life.

This passion was kindled many years before when I owned an event coordination business. Across the seven years I ran that business, on top of working with clients and organising their special events I spent many hours learning how to manage and grow my business. CRMs … bookkeeping programs … WordPress … social media marketing … copywriting … I invested an enormous amount of time attempting to master each and every aspect involved in running a business whether they within my skillset or even the best use of my time.

All these activities meant I often felt like I needed to “squeeze in” actually organising my client’s events, which is what I loved doing and excelled in. While every client raved about their experience with me and the “better than what they’d ever imagined” events, I slowly but surely lost my zeal and burnt out almost entirely because of the amount of time and effort I was continually putting into managing the backend of the business.

When I closed the business out of exhaustion after 7 years, I felt like a failure. It took a very long time – years in fact – to unpack each of the mistakes I’d made that contributed to my “hamster on a treadmill” ineffectiveness and lack of results.

The two core mistakes I had: Not looking to the results of those I took advice from (e.g. did they have, or were they on the way to having, what I was working to achieve), and

Thinking I had no other option than to try to do everything myself.

I realised both of these issues could be resolved by deliberately and strategically surrounding myself with the “right” people. The “right” people being those who have complimentary expertise to my own, are collaborative, aligned in direction and values, I like and respect, and who are rooting for my success. Learning the power of this kind of leverage and seeing the results it has enabled for myself has been a driving force behind VE Assist. VE Assist exists to improve the state of the world one business at a time, by giving business owners back time to build healthy and fulfilled lives at the same time as successful and sustainable businesses.”.

Who We Help?

Those who benefit most from working with us can be characterised in the following way:

  • Small business owners with 3-25 staff
  • Have successfully navigated through the start up phase
  • Are actively looking for smart ways to grow and scale their business
  • Have a clear vision for the future of their business and how it fits with the lifestyle they desire
  • Value a partnership approach with service providers they work with
  • Genuinely care about the wellbeing of their staff and clients, and have their best interests in mind
  • Have strong family values
  • Strive for excellence in all aspects of their business and life
  • Build long-term relationships with their clients and business associates based on mutual trust, respect and appreciation
  • Seek to empower their staff by providing opportunities for them to increase their skills, competence and responsibilities
  • Truly care about making a positive impact on the lives of those around them
  • Are based in Australia