Stop that mountain of paperwork
and admin burying you alive

Offload your back-end tasks to a trusted partner

VE Assist is here to improve people’s lives one business at a time. Our admin support gives business owners their time back, so they can enjoy healthy and fulfilled lives, as well as successful and sustainable businesses.

If you are…
– Generating an annual net profit of $50k or more

– Employing three or more staff

– Looking to continue growing your business

– Overloaded with admin tasks that take you away from your core purpose

– Desperate to spend more time with your partner and kids

– Craving more time and energy to work on a passion project

– Longing to take better care of your own wellbeing

… you can now take a deep breath and relax.

VE Assist is the solution you have been searching for.

Our team of experienced, professional Australian Virtual Admin Assistants will give you back your time AND help your business grow.

With a uniquely personalised approach, you are given the exact support you most crave, relieving you from the pressures that weigh you down.

Free your time for what is important to you, and get the support you need to continue growing in a sustainable way.

A combined 35 years of delivering results in businesses across multiple industries through assistance with administrative, customer care and systemisation proves that VE Assist has the expertise you need.

Does this sound like you?

– Have you lost a lot of the excitement of running your business?

– Is a feeling of guilt eating away at you each time your family complains you spend more time on your business than with them?

– Do you feel stuck in the daily grind doing tasks you know someone else could do better and faster?

– Has your business grown quicker than your ability to hire a great team?

– Do you wish you could offload all of the day-to-day admin and paperwork for your business so you can spend your time doing what you’re good at and what you want to be doing?

– Would you love to be able to focus more on driving sales, achieving results and building long-term growth?

– Are you proud of what you’ve achieved so far but recognise you’re at a crossroads?


If you want to keep growing your business without burning out or burning bridges, something needs to change.


Doing things the same way you have been is NOT an option.


You need to find someone you can trust so you can offload those tedious, boring, complicated, time-consuming back-end tasks – so you don’t have to keep doing them anymore.


Free your time and reduce your costs by engaging the organised, reliable, and solution-oriented team of professionals at VE Assist for any of the services below.

A customised package will be designed to match the specific assistance, timeframe, budget and the tangible results you require.

Customer Care

Ensuring every touchpoint with your customers leaves them feeling delighted.


Social Media Engagement
Enquiry Management
Customer Onboarding Management
Customer Payment Management
Customer Support Management
Work In Progress Management
Customer Offboarding Management
Past Customer Relationship Management
Card & Gift Management


Freeing you to concentrate on what you love and what is important.


Appointment Reminders
Basic Audio, Image & Video Editing
Bookkeeping Support
Calendar & Email Management
Copy Editing
Data Entry
Digital File Clean Up
Document Design & Formatting
Form Development
Image Sourcing
Phone Call Management
Slideshow Presentation Development
Spreadsheet Development
Upload Podcast Episodes
Upload Social Media & Blog Posts


Enhancing your customers' confidence in your professionalism and competence.


Digital File Management System
Process Review & Refinement
Program Research
Training Assessment Development
Training Manual Development
Workflow Development
Workflow Documentation
Workflow Set Up

If your business is getting out of control and you have too much admin but are not ready to hire a full time admin team, VE Assist is your solution.

We can even systemise the role so when your business is ready to grow and you’re ready for a full-time onsite administration team, it’s easy for them to pick it all up and run with it.

Got questions or are ready to offload your admin and back-office tasks?

Meet Kim Woolard

Kim Woolard is the Founder and Owner of VE Assist. In a previous life, Kim ran an event coordination company managing all aspects of clients’ personal and corporate special events. But the never-ending pressures that came with trying to do everything herself left her burning the candle at both ends. She lost her joy for her work and ended up closing the business out of sheer exhaustion.

That experience was the inspiration behind establishing VE Assist. Kim’s mission is to help other business owners avoid the burnout, and the guilt, and feelings of failure that can come from trying to grow a business by doing everything yourself.

Kim’s big lesson was that sustainable growth and long term success comes from surrounding yourself with the right people who bring the right skillsets. Hiring these people isn’t always affordable, or the best option. And so Kim set out pulling together a team of experienced specialists that could offer overwhelmed business owners the solution she needed when she was struggling with ‘all the things’.

Learning the power of leveraging others and seeing the results it has enabled for owners of growing small businesses, their staff, and their families is the driving force behind VE Assist.

As a business owner yourself, Kim’s story and the driving force behind VE Assist is something you will likely resonate with. Learn more about this, what else sets VE Assist apart, and whether we’re the right solution for you.

Our Values

The values that underpin all our actions and decisions are integrity, relationships, freedom, success and generosity.

You will commonly see these values lived out through our commitment to:

Trusted Partners

Transparent Communication

Tailored Solutions

Strategic Perspective

Being Dependable

Being Easy to Work With

Why Choose VE Assist

There are many reasons small business owners trust VE Assist for the administrative and operational support their businesses need to continue growing. Some of the reasons given often include our technical skills, our efficiency and high performance, and even our proactive, solution-oriented approach to any issues that arise.

However, the three reasons we hear time and again are:

You are valued as a person first and foremost.

You are not a number or an item on a To-Do list. To us, you and your staff will always be people first… complete with individual personalities, dreams, preferences, experiences and needs.

You instantly gain access to a full team of diverse skills.

You have access to an invaluable pool of skills through the team at VE Assist without having to engage and manage multiple individual people.

You are guaranteed the results you desire.

In taking the time to truly understand your goals and the support you need, we ensure sufficient time and resources are reserved to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Regardless the reason you choose VE Assist, you will enjoy the time our assistance frees up for you to focus on what is important to you.

Check out our latest content about leveraging your time while growing a successful business.

Ready to offload your admin and reclaim your time?

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