Your trusted partner in sustainable business growth

Our dedicated customer care, administration and business systemisation support frees your time and reduces costs, while offering you peace of mind knowing your business is in great hands.

As a small business owner, you don’t need to choose between a successful business and a life you love. VE Assist will show you how.

We are passionate about helping small business owners have their cake and eat it too.

It’s very achievable to have a successful business that provides substantial profits at the same time as having the freedom to spend quality time with the people and activities you love.

We provide a tailored personal service and deliberately invest time to really get to know our clients.

By taking the time to understand your big-picture goals and your “why” that drives all your decisions, we can catch your vision and why it is so important. This enables us to play a more significant role in helping you get there faster and smarter.

Our Core Services

Our relationship-based approach to understanding your business will allow us to tailor a solution that is specific to your needs. Here are some of the ways we can support you:

  • Customer Care



    Ensuring every touchpoint with your customers leaves them feeling delighted.

    • Social Media Engagement
    • Enquiry Management
    • Customer Onboarding Management
    • Customer Payment Management
    • Customer Support Management
    • Customer Work In Progress Management
    • Customer Offboarding Management
    • Past Customer Relationship Management
    • Card & Gift Setup & Management
  • Administration


    Freeing you to concentrate on what you love and what is important.

    • Appointment Reminders
    • Basic Audio, Image & Video Editing
    • Bookkeeping Support
    • Calendar & Email Management
    • Copy Editing
    • Data Entry
    • Digital File Clean Up
    • Document Design & Formatting
    • Form Development
    • Image Sourcing
    • Phone Call Management
    • Slideshow Presentation Development
    • Spreadsheet Development
    • Transcription
    • Upload Podcast Episodes
    • Upload Social Media & Blog Posts
  • Systems


    Enhancing your customers’ confidence in your professionalism and competence.

    • Digital File Management System Makeover
    • Process Review & Refinement
    • Program research
    • Training Assessment Development
    • Training Manual Development
    • Workflow Development
    • Workflow Documentation
    • Workflow Set Up

Your Journey With Us

1. Book Initial Conversation

Submit the ‘Book a Conversation’ form via this website – select your preferred time and date – then secure the appointment by answering six quick questions to help us prepare for our conversation.

2. Initial Conversation

During this 40-minute conversation via Zoom, we will explore the areas of support you require, your priorities, timeframe, budget, and what a successful outcome would look like for you.

3. Proposal Development

Within 48 business hours, a customised proposal will be developed for you that reflects the specific supports, priorities, timeframe, budget and goals you highlighted in our conversation.

4. Review & Acceptance

We will review the proposal together during a Zoom meeting to further tailor the packages and ensure your complete satisfaction. You will then be guided through the easy steps to accept the proposal, sign the Service Agreement, pay the deposit, and schedule your Orientation Session.

5. Orientation Session

This 1-hour Zoom meeting allows you to walk us through the programs and processes we are to use and to introduce us to your staff we will interact with. We will also schedule fortnightly update meetings.

6. Service Delivery

Services will be delivered in a professional and timely manner with weekly updates emailed to keep you abreast of all progress made. Fortnightly Zoom meetings will provide an additional opportunity to discuss progress and adjust the supports as needed.

Partner Services

We go beyond the scope of a typical Virtual Assistant. We also work closely with trusted partners who have expertise in the areas below.

Opening opportunities through personal introductions for our clients to trusted service providers in these areas allows us to add even more value to you.

  • BAS Agent Bookkeepers

  • Certified Public Accountants (CPA)

  • Copy Writers

  • Finance Brokers

  • Graphic Designers

  • IT Support

  • Legal Advisors

  • Marketing

  • Print Brokers

  • Printing & Embroidery Companies

  • Registered Training Organisation

  • Remote CFOs (Chief Financial Officer)

  • Strategic Alliance Development

  • Website Developers


Let’s discuss the best solution for your business. Your time is valuable, so we have ensured it is easy for you to book your initial conversation for a time that suits you.

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