See what horror stories business owners have faced, losing over $10M with more. I am passionate about seeing small business owners succeed – in their business AND in their life.

I started out pursing my passions for a small events business. I spent many hours learning and practicing how to manage and grow my business.

All these activities meant I often felt like I needed to “squeeze in” actually organising my client’s events, which is what I loved doing and excelled in. While every client raved about their experience with me and the “better than what they’d ever imagined” events, I slowly but surely lost my zeal and burnt out almost entirely because of the amount of time and effort I was continually putting into managing the backend of the business.

When I closed the event business out of exhaustion, I felt like a failure. It took a very long time – years in fact – to unpack each of the mistakes I’d made that contributed to my “hamster on a treadmill” ineffectiveness and lack of results.

The two core mistaken I had made were:

Not looking to the results of those I took advice from (e.g. did they have, or were they on the way to having, what I was working to achieve), and